How to Beat Internet Latency in Rural Areas


Latency can be frustrating in rural areas

In today's world of technology

For users looking for high-speed internet. Large spaces can create issues with internet infrastructure and how far data travels from servers, creating low speeds, delays, and other issues.

Those present serious problems for everyone

from schools that need reliable internet for teaching to gamers who run into trouble trying to play online. If rural latency creates roadblocks for you, we have a collection of effective ideas about how to deal with it.

Avoid Satellite Internet

At first consideration, this may seem unintuitive. After all, isn’t satellite internet designed for areas with little or no internet access? That’s true, but satellite internet is expensive – not just for your wallet. Problems like low latency and general unreliability plague satellite internet. It needs specialized equipment and can be impacted by the weather and other factors. If you want low-latency internet, satellite internet should be your last choice as long as any other options are available. Thanks to advances in infrastructure and cell towers, even the most remote areas in the United States typically have other options to try.

Upgrade Your Router

Buying a new router won’t upgrade the internet connection from your service provider, but it can have many other benefits to help address problems. The latest Wi-Fi technology and protocols like Wi-Fi 6E help address latency problems and work to maintain more stable connections. Remember that you will need devices that work with the latest standards, like Wi-Fi 6E, to gain all the benefits of upgrading, but it’s a one-time cost that could make a significant difference in your experience.

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Upgrade to Fiber Optics

Don’t give up the fiber optic option before checking out connections in your area. While fiber optic lines began in more urban areas, they have been steadily expanding over time, and fiber optics are now starting to reach even rural areas. These connections offer a significant boost in speed and solve many latency issues compared to older types of connections. See what providers like ispMint are offering in your location so you know your options.

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Move Devices Around

Moving devices can help lower latency and improve performance. Move your devices closer to your router, and avoid putting any walls or appliances between your device and the router. Keep the router in a central location, preferably on a shelf. Minor adjustments can yield benefits here.

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Check Your Server

Internet setting menus typically let you see what server you are connected to for your internet service. The closer the server, the better. See if you can switch to a closer server, especially if your current server is on the opposite coast or in another country. VPNs can help with this, but they can also make connections worse, so be careful not to rely on them to switch servers.

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Lower Your Bandwidth Needs

Slower internet connections can develop latency issues when they run out of bandwidth to manage all the online content in a home or business. That means one of the best ways of dealing with bandwidth-related latency problems is to monitor what devices are doing. Close out any apps, content-rich websites, background apps that you aren’t using, and any other activities that aren’t necessary. This opens up bandwidth for the remaining important activities. Some routers even allow you to prioritize certain devices or activities like gaming, making them less likely to run into bandwidth issues.

Rely on a Cellular Service like ispMint

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