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Our Mission

Our Mission

We Believe: Serving with Integrity is a Competitive Advantage

ispMint is an internet service provider that tailors or "mints" solutions for high-speed connectivity in hard-to-reach places. As a veteran-owned business, we know that serving our customers with integrity is a competitive advantage. We take pride in our ability to deliver best-in-class service no matter where you live, work, or travel.

Leadership Profiles


Meet the ispMint executive team.

Daniel ispMint

Daniel McClure

CEO & Lead Innovator

Navy veteran and entrepreneur, Daniel McClure has a long history of launching successful businesses. From car washes and lemonade stands as a child, to his naval career and beyond, Daniel leads with passion and integrity.

After leading his Naval Nuclear Energy class to a record-breaking GPA, Daniel served as a as a nuclear technician. After his time in the service, Daniel worked in telecommunications technology. In 2014, Daniel, in conjunction with his business partner and navy buddy Cletus Kathol, started ispMint. They noticed rural and small-town America lacked fast, reliable internet options, so they made it their mission to provide the heartland with internet service virtually anywhere.

› Passionate about the truth.

Truth and faith are two driving factors Daniel applies to his work and personal life every day. When he's not working, he can be found playing with his kids, riding his electric bicycle or enjoying a drive in his electric, self-driving car.

Cletus ispMint

Cletus Kathol


Cletus oversees internal operations at ispMint. He helps build strong customer relationships and maximizes the company's operating performance. Cletus joined ispMint after serving in the United States Navy as a Certified Nuclear Reactor Operator.

In his leisure time, Cletus enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and camping in the Pacific Northwest. Cletus is passionate about the environment and donates his time, money, and energy to ocean clean up projects and environmental education.

› Passionate about, "Family, Ocean Clean-up, Education".