Gaming with Rural Internet


Rural Gaming: Overcoming Internet Challenges

With the stressors that are all around us in today's world, we all look for ways to relax and escape reality from time to time. Online gaming is an excellent source of entertainment and relaxation for people worldwide. It is an easy way for people to be entertained without leaving their homes. Gaming provides children and adults alike with hours of entertainment and fun. But what happens if you live in a rural area where the Internet is unavailable, or your Internet service is very spotty and unreliable? Read on to learn how to resolve this issue.

What To Look for in Internet Service Providers When Gaming in a Rural Area

Searching for and locating rural Internet services great for gaming can be very challenging due to the need for more options in rural areas throughout the United States. It is possible, though, to find a reliable Internet service for gaming. One of the companies that can provide that for you is ispMint.

Types of Rural Internet Service

There are many Internet services to choose from, but they may vary in availability, reliability, and speed. For instance, many cable companies provide Internet access services in cities located in rural areas but not so much in the rural areas surrounding them. This means businesses and residents living in areas considered towns, little burgs, or just out in the middle of nowhere do not receive cable Internet service.

Mobile Hotspots

Cell phone mobile hotspots are available through most cell phone companies and work by using your smartphone's Internet data. This usually works pretty well, but with most plans the amount of time you can spend on the Internet is limited, and the speed is throttled if you hit a threshold with your data.

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Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet service works ok but is very costly. It provides adequate coverage, but you can pay a lot if you use more data than you are signed up to receive throughout the month. Satellite Internet also has a really hard time streaming TV and Movie services like netflix, amazon prime and disney. It also lags for zoom calls so it can look like your mouth is moving at a different speed than your voice. But it works well for transactional internet applications such as email and browsing the web.

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Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet is an excellent option for people living in rural areas. Broadband service can be provided through cable, satellite, wireless, DSL, or the most reliable option, fiber optics.

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Fiber Optics

Fiber optic Internet service is a great option used in rural areas throughout the country. Fiber optics can carry a lot of data through tiny pulses of light that are then sent through fiber strands at very high speeds.

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Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is another very popular option, and it utilizes aggregate-band LTE signals instead of cables to bring Internet service to your home or business. ispMint utilizes this aggregate-band LTE wireless broadband for its Internet service which has both high speeds and high reliability.


ispMint offers reliable high-speed internet service to rural areas, campgrounds, and many other areas throughout the United States. The company was formed by a team of veterans that stepped up to meet the need for reliable Internet service in rural areas to help residents, businesses, and farming operations in rural areas throughout the country.

The company provides high-speed broadband Internet to areas that were not Internet service accessible in the past. The company's staff and Internet service professionals work diligently to provide farms, businesses, and residents in rural areas across the country with the same high-speed Internet service as the people and companies located in urban areas and large cities.

ispMint’s latency is also top-notch, whereas this typically isn’t the case and is notoriously bad with satellite internet. This is especially important for gaming since poor latency can create lag in online games. This lag shows up as a delay between when you take an action in a game and when it actually happens. This can lead to frustration and a lack of performance in gaming, where timing is critical.

For instance, in first-person shooters, a poor lag can mean missing critical shots or not knowing that an enemy is approaching. The delay between when you pull the trigger or when your screen shows the up-to-date battlefield, can be a significant factor in preventing the enjoyment of online games.


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The Internet professionals at ispMint have the knowledge, training, skills, and equipment to provide high-quality, high-speed Internet service to residents and businesses in rural locations throughout the United States. The Internet service provided by ispMint is not only reliable but very affordable. Whether you want to play, do homework, work remotely, or surf the net, the Internet technicians at ispMint have you covered. The cellular technology used by ispMint will ensure that you have reliable Internet to play any time you want. Call today for an appointment to start the installation process of your high-speed Internet through ispMint and be well on your way to enjoying your new reliable Internet service.