What is the Best Way to Get Internet in an RV?


Getting internet access in an RV has historically been an problem. Traditional methods of getting internet in rural areas involved slow or intermittent service, high cost, and a lack of privacy. However, with ispMint’s revolutionary internet service, these issues no longer a problem.

What is ispMint?

The increasingly popular company, ispMint, has stepped up to provide affordable and reliable Internet access not only to residents who live in rural areas and businesses, villages, and others that are located in rural areas but also to the people who travel across the country in their RV. Owned by US Veterans, the company prides itself on being able to provide high-speed broadband Internet to areas throughout the country that were inaccessible to the Internet in the past. The company's staff and technicians work diligently to be able to provide people and businesses across the country with high-speed, affordable, and reliable Internet service. Companies like Tesla, Google, Apple, and 10,000+ happy internet customers have chosen ispMint as their provider for rural internet service.

In addition to providing high-quality Internet access for rural homes and businesses, ispMint also provides RVers with Internet service so that they can go camping (or even live in an RV) while still having access to the Web whenever it’s needed. It’s a life-changing service for hundreds of thousands of people across the country who live in rural areas or in their RVs!

If you enjoy going camping in your RV or even living in it with your family on a full-time basis, you know and understand the need for Internet access that is high-speed and dependable. This is where ispMint shines. They use aggregate band LTE technology to generate high-quality internet access that can reach deep into rural areas where Internet is traditionally less available.

You can utilize ispMint’s Internet service to navigate your way to the next site on your RV journey, to work remotely online, for children to assess their schoolwork while on the road, or just to enjoy the latest online entertainment services like Netflix.

However, ispMint is not the only option to get internet in your RV - it’s just the best option. Here are the traditional options for getting internet service in rural areas.

Other Choices for Securing Internet Service for Your RV

here are a few different Internet services to choose from for Internet service traveling in your RV, although many come with significant drawbacks.

Cell Phone Hotspot

Obviously, many people use cellular Internet through their mobile smartphones since it is cost-effective and has pretty good potential speed options. Hotspots are great for streaming video and entertainment - however, most mobile phone plans limit how much data you can stream over hotspots. This means that you can use your hotspot for a limited time, after which your mobile speed is throttled or even stopped. Because of this, hotspots from mobile phones are not recommended as the primary option for data-intensive internet services, like streaming TV, playing online games, or conducing video calls.

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Public Wi-fi Service

Public Wi-Fi service is sometimes an option as well. Many campgrounds provide Wi-Fi service for campers to use and there is also public Internet access to Wi-Fi services at some restaurants, like McDonalds or Starbucks.

However, there are significant limitations to public wi-fi. Oftentimes the speed and availability of these services is questionable. For instance, no one wants to be chained to a McDonald's parking lot to do schoolwork, or depend on unreliable Internet speed when conducting video calls. The coverage area can also cause problems, as this type of Wi-Fi is not always strong enough to reach your RV no matter how close you are to where the Wi-Fi is located. Potentially most important, public Wi-Fi is not secure, leaving users’ personal data open to be abused by bad actors. All in all, public Wi-Fi is not the best option traveling in your RV.

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Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet may be a little more costly when you first get it started, and it also comes with data restrictions. The speed is usually pretty good, but the satellite dish must be recalibrated if it is moved, making it inconvenient for RVers on the go. Another common problem with satellite internet is poor latency, or “ping.” This can lead to significant lag when playing video games, or conducting video calls.

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Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet is the best option for homes and businesses that are capable of having cable, fiber, or DSL lines run to a fixed building. The combination of speed, cost, and reliability of this kind of Internet is unbeatable. Unfortunately, this kind of service is not practical for RV living, where the vehicle can move frequently and access to cable or fiber is not available. Fortunately, ispMint’s internet service can provide many of the benefits of broadband internet, so that you can enjoy the benefits of broadband internet while also enjoying the freedom of the open road.

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Looking for quality Internet services in your RV? The internet experts at ispMint are highly trained and possess the skills and equipment that are needed to provide you and your family with high-speed Internet access no matter where you are located or where you are traveling.

This is a very affordable service for residents and businesses in rural areas throughout the United States as well as campers who are traveling across the country. The service that ispMint offers is very fast and reliable to extremely large coverage areas, even in areas where much larger Internet companies are not able to provide service.

The team at ispMint pride themselves on being able to provide Internet service for people who previously could not access it, with access speeds up to 130 MB per second. This means that you and your family can embark on a journey of a lifetime in your RV while still being able to work remotely, complete school work, watch streaming HD movies, surf the net, and enjoy your favorite music service with no hassle. These capabilities have opened up a variety of opportunities and possibilities, not only for people who live in rural areas but for those traveling in their RV campers.