What is the Best Way to Get Internet in Rural Areas

What is the best way to

Get Internet in Rural Areas?


Let's face it, having Internet access no matter where you work or live has become an inside central element in all of our lives. Not only do we use it for work and play, but we also use it to stay connected with the people we love throughout the world. The problem is, not everyone has access to high-speed Internet because of where they live, or their business is located. The issue of providing Internet access to rural areas has been resolved with the growing number of companies that offer high-speed broadband Internet, but what exactly is it?


According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), reliable and also affordable high-speed Internet E connectivity, also referred to as electronic connectivity, is a cornerstone for economic Wellness throughout the United States. Giving people access to high-speed Internet is imperative to foster a diverse set of industries, including agricultural production as well as manufacturing, forestry, and mining. High-speed Internet access works as a catalyst for rural prosperity because it allows for very efficient and modernized communications to happen between rural American households, as well as schools and healthcare centers that are located in rural areas. It also assists farming operations throughout the United States and other parts of the world with being able to conduct business properly in this age of technology.


The issue is that, unfortunately, only about 23 percent of all Americans living in rural areas or owning businesses in rural areas have access to high-speed Internet, according to one of the latest reports by the Federal Communications Commission. The report also cites that only about 28 percent of Americans living in rural areas have access to the Internet.

United States Department of Agriculture Invests in Rural Broadband Internet Access

Since the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has determined there is a great need for each connectivity for all people living in rural areas and all businesses that are located in those areas, it has been investing in rural broadband. This started decades ago as an initiative to provide raw telecommunications through proper infrastructure throughout the United States by the USDA. Millions of dollars have been made available on a yearly basis through loans and grants to support modern broadband connectivity throughout rural area communities. In 2018, the USDA introduced the latest program called the Re-Connect Program in which it invested over $1 billion to expand high-speed broadband infrastructure to underserved rural areas.


Many companies have taken the initiative to use some of these grants to provide internet access throughout the rural areas of the country while others have become internet providers on their own without utilizing the grant programs from the USDA. Either way, more and more residents and businesses throughout the United States are receiving internet on a daily basis. This allows businesses to thrive and parents to provide internet access for their children while they are attending school. This is important because most of the schoolwork conducted by students in today’s world of technology must be completed online and they must, obviously, have internet access to do this.

Who is ispMint?


One of the companies in the United States that has stepped up to provide reliable and affordable internet access to rural residents, businesses, towns, and others is ispMint. The company bills itself as being proud to serve the USA and is veteran-owned. ispMint is a provider of high-speed broadband Internet on the go that can reach two areas that have been inaccessible in the past. The company's staff works diligently to provide people and businesses in rural areas the same type of high-speed Internet service as people and companies can receive in urban areas and large cities.

ispMint not only provides Internet service to rural areas but for recreational vehicles as well. This means that people can go camping and still be able to have Internet service as well as Wi-Fi available to them when they need it. ispMint’s service has been life-changing for thousands of people who live in rural areas throughout the nation.

The broadband high-speed Internet service offered by ispMint allows users to connect to multiple devices at one time, including smartphones, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even IoT devices. ispMint has allowed not only thousands of residents to have Internet service to help their children with homework and to communicate with others throughout the world but has also allowed agricultural businesses and other businesses located in rural areas to be able to succeed and profit in this ever-changing world of technology.

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ispMint offers amazing fast and reliable internet services to very large coverage areas nationwide. Even in areas where larger companies can only offer slower Internet access, The IT technicians at ispMint are able to provide fast and high-quality internet service to its customers. Customers of ispMint have several rural Internet options that can offer speeds up to 130 MB per second. Rural residents and business owners will receive unlimited high-speed Internet access with the freedom that comes with being able to stream their favorite music, watch riveting movies, surf the web, or even attend school virtually let alone, work remotely. This has opened up numerous opportunities and possibilities for people living in rural areas who were wanting reliable Internet service that does not buffer or throttle as they are trying to utilize it.


The Internet professionals at ispMint work diligently to ensure that customers receive high-quality service at affordable prices every single day of the year. Call today to set up an appointment to get your Internet installed by the experienced and highly skilled technicians at ispMint today!