SaaS/Data Backup/Email

Saas Cloud Implementation

Do you want to move to a new scheduling software specialized for your industry?

Or do you want to use applications like Microsoft Office from ANY computer with an internet connection in the world, instead of only on your computer?

Maybe you don’t know what “Cloud” even means.

All it is, is something that used to be here, and is now being managed by someone else, who is specialized.

For instance, we all used to buy VHS’s and DVD’s, and now, we just pay a small, monthly subscription and let a specialized company hold all of our dvd’s.

And then we access them through the Internet on our smart devices.

That is cloud.

Either you have no idea what Cloud is, or you can’t wait to get there. Shoot, even ispMint’s SDWAN is technically “Cloud Internet.” Even the Internet itself is moving to the cloud. Lol.

IspMint provides full service consultation/migration/implementation of YOUR industry’s software.

Data Backup / Data Recovery

We see sooo many companies lose precious work AND time because they didn’t have a backup. The few that do, never planned out how long it would take to recover. Enjoy our FULLY MANAGED service for lower investment than you currently pay.

This one is easy.

If your system crashes, which pieces, and how much of your apps, emails, files and other data are you willing lose? All, Some, None? AND, how long until you want to be “back up” and running? ispMint backup/recovery. Handled.


Seems so important, and yet, do you need to check how much you are paying for email?

What about managing problems that arise with email?

Setting Up New Employees and Removing Former Ones?

Filtering, Protection, Migration, and Recovery?

ispMint fully manages your Email. Doesn’t matter if you like gmail, outlook, or your own domain.

ispMint Email manages them all.

You have a whole team dedicated to making moves/adds/changes to your email. All the while comp-trolling it to ensure you are paying the lowest rates.

We handle so much of your other technology management needs already, shouldn’t we be handling this as well?


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