We commit to holding the best relationships with vendors, to bring you the largest returns on your efforts. We pay the highest, while still providing the lowest and most cost effective solutions to our customers. For example, if a customer calls the local cable company for 60mb x 5mb broadband and they get quoted $50/mo, we get the same 60mb x 5mb broadband service from the same cable provider and give it to the client for $45/mo AND STILL PAY THE HIGHEST IN THE INDUSTRY!

Client saves money and gets better service, by not going direct to the carrier, and you get paid for helping them.

Or, do you already refer clients directly to the carriers and they only pay you a SPIFF? Stop getting ripped off. You can make up to 50% of all profits we take in! And we do all of the work! You just have to introduce us.

There are some deals that make 6 figure commissions.

Already make residuals? Great. Call us. Make more. ispMint Partners

Want to work hard for a few years and build enough money to retire? Perfect. Call us. Retire soon. ispMint Partners



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