Why is ispMint better than satellite internet for rural internet?

Common Question on Social Media: Why not just use Hughes net? 

We are DEFINITELY not Hughes satellite.
Our smallest service comes with 300gb (our average client is a family of 5 people. So 5 smartphones, a couple tablets, usually 2-3 tv’s and a gaming system. The average monthly usage is 150gb.) so our clients NEVER “go over” their data limit and get throttled or have to pay more.
Hughes looks like its $140/mo for 75gb and they throttle streaming to 480p when it works.
The biggest hardship of satellite internet is actually the super high ping (latency) because it has to travel 100’s of miles into space and back. This means it doesn’t matter how fast you can get from them because your tv will just buffer and buffer. The spinning wheel of death.
ispMint service is almost an identical experience as having a cable broadband connection. Lots of times it’s way better than that. AND it’s mobile so you can take it to the lake or in your rv!
Also, ours has no contract. And is 100% money back guaranteed. ðŸ¤«ðŸ˜¬
Their’s looks to be two year contract. ðŸ˜³

Give us a call if you want fast, streamable, rural or RV internet!